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        We, the members and supporters of the Android Developers Union, are fed up with the conditions of the Android Market. We are tired of being treated like sharecroppers on Google's digital plantation! We have compiled a list of seven demands which Google can implement to improve the Market. Implementing these demands will absolutely improve the working conditions for Android developers, thereby improving the Android ecosystem and giving a better experience to our customers.

       If our demands are not met, we will move our applications to alternative marketplaces or the web, cease Android development in favor of other more open platforms, we will dissuade other developers from developing Android projects, and we will work tirelessly to counter any of Google's hypocritical claims about Openness in the media.

       These are our demands! They are simple and they are attainable, so we hope that Google will do the right thing!

Demand:Has Google Complied?
Renegotiation of the 32% Google-tax on applications sales No!
Remedy to the Order of Entry Effect No!
Public Bug Tracking No!
Increased Payment Options No!
Codified Rules and a Removal Appeal Process No!
Communication and Engineering Liaison No!
Algorithmic Transparency No!

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The easiest and fastest way to support our cause is to sign the petition here!. It will also automatically create a letter which you can send to Google's representatives via email, or through the Market Contact Form here.

If you're on Twitter, Facebook, run your own blog, or are on any other social network, it'd be great if you could mention our cause to your friends!

If you want to get even more involved, you can join the mailing list here. Sign up, then introduce yourself!

We also have a blog here, where you can read about updates of our campaign, stories of developers and customers who have complaints about the Market, and commentary on the responses from Google.


If you want to contact all of the participating members, the mailing list is the best place to start.

If you want to contact the maintainer of this website (me), send an email to rich [at] anomos [dot] info. Thanks!